Settling for Good Enough While Waiting on Great

I have idnetified a new pattern in my life that scares me. I’ve been settling. Not for anything bad. But not for anything spectacular. I’ve settled for good. Good doesn’t stand out. Good can get you from point A to point B. No skipped stops, no roller coaster ride. It’s safe.

I worry about Good.
I do what Good says would be within my reach.
I wonder about my future with Good.
I pretend I’m mdoerately happy with Good.
I rationalize reasons Good is good.

But If I were to see Good for who Good really is, void of filtering and the lenses of others, I fear I would not want Good.

Good has stripped me of my shine. Dull.
Good has left me cold and lonely in a room full of warm bodied carcasses I have nothing in common with.
Good is a seat belt, armour, safety net, AND virtual reality.
It is so common place that I don’t curl my toes at the thought of it.
I no longer turn my nose at the foul smell.
I expect nothing from Good. This way, Good never disappoints me. Good is always good.


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