When my circumstances change, I change. When I get scared, I change my mind. And often I say that I’m not changing, I’m just going back to being myself. And this is important because on one hand I’m totally behind being true to who you are…but on the other hand I know that in recent years, I allow fear to direct me. And there’s a difference between going with your gut and taking the road less traveled (and being a cowboy and not letting anyone tell you anything because you are ready for this), and going the route you were going to go (that you enjoy, and excel in).  My hypothesis this morning is that perhaps route B isn’t so bad. Perhaps focusing on who you are instead of what the circumstances are is what will bring you joy. As much as I am a dreamer, at some point reality can’t be ignored. The frame of mind that you address issues with can determine whether or not you choose path A or B.

This topic of frame of thought and experience will probably come up again. Just thought I’d share my thoughts.


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