break boundaries

I recently watched Rango on Netflix. Bizarre movie, honestly. Johnny Depp as a lizard? I’m not surprised.

However, what I am surprised about is the great message: we can either see it at another movie secretly taking a jab at oil companies (like The Muppets) or also slightly spreading awareness of the water crisis. Or something. Or maybe that’s a stretch.

Regardless, there’s a great quote in the movie that stuck with me. The mayor, a very suspicious looking turtle, says something very interesting when Rango enters a town experiencing a very bad drought. In this town, water is their currency as well as their source of …well, water.

Water, Mr Rango. Water. Without it, there’s nothing but dust and decay. But with water, there’s life. Look at them. So desperate to live, that they’ll follow it anywhere. That’s the immutable law in the desert. You control the water and…

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