I’ve been thinking alot about wanting to be the strong woman I was when I was 16. She had values, stood up for what she belived in, looked adversity in the eyes and loved to write, take long walks, and listen to jazz in her room (alone). I miss her. But then I think… Am I limiting myself by wanting her back? Yes, 8’m not at my best but isn’t best your best til the next best. Isn’t it just better, or another phase. How about the me of tomorrow. Maybe she’ll specialize in human rights and international law and be a yoga instructor and the mother of an adopted child. Maybe she’ll be a loving friend. Maybe she’ll make this world a better place. I’ve spent much of these past four years regretting not being who I used to be. Maybe who I will be will be far more interesting and beautiful than 16 year old me. Than me now. But I’ll never know this badass humanitarian unless I stop missing the Catholic school girl yearbook editor.


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  1. Hi Tolu! I recently saw “The September Issue,” a movie about the Editor in Chief Anna of VOGUE magazine. She kept repeating a Phrase throughout the movie that resOnated strongly with my beliefs. “Fashion is about moving and looking forward.” I think trmbering the 14 and 16 year old self is beautiful. Not many people have vivid memories like you do-especially about their particular beliefs at that age. I think the wOman you are becoming is really precious and beautiful. I like who you are now and I can’t wait to see you 5,10,20+ years later to see how worldly you have become. You are Tolu Falae, an amazing and strong woman who knows what it takes to succeed. Keep trying your best tolu. Always keep that fire within you going!

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