If you practice like you’re taking the test, eventually, the test will feel like practice.

The title of this post comes from a good friend of mine, Anthony Turner.

Lately I’m realizing that 1) I need to stop worrying about the future so much that it limits me in the present,   2) to do what gives me optimal challenge and is what I’m good at (bad structure..I’ll explain), and 3) I have to be ready.

So the first part is my thing. We all have this thing we do that if someone were to ask you what’s stopping you from being the best you you can be, the first thing you’d say is “x”. For me, it’s worrying and fearing. For you it may be being too nice or doubting yourself. Whatever it is, it’s our thing.

The second part is something called flow. So I first heard about this in Psychology 101 (slept through most classes, but the chart caught my eye while reading my textbook one day). Here’s a link that gives more detail on what flow is and how you can find your flow. The author’s definition is: “Flow is of our own making, occurring when we apply our talent and skills 100% to an activity which we find inherently engaging, and with enough complexity to keep it interesting.” Cool right? So it’s basically when you get a highly challenging project at work, but you’re psyched about it because it’s awesome and it’s what you’ve been waiting for.


And lastly, the main reason I’m even posting this is: BE PREPARED. Have you ever seen a marathon runner prepare for the big race by taking long walks and eating healthy? No. Not if they actually “ran” the marathon. They probably put some sweat into it and eventually practiced like they were running a marathon.

I’m over here planning my life out and over the last month or so I’ve began asking myself, “Self, if someone asked you to write a 5 page paper on why you deserve to be given opportunity “x”(whether you’ve been waiting for it, or whether it falls into your lap unexpectedly), how you are the perfect person for the opportunity, and what long-term results could be expected, would you be prepared????” And usually the answer is no. I’m too busy worrying to even apply myself the way I know that whoever would give me opportunity “x” would want an ideal candidate to be. When the test comes, it shouldn’t give me cold sweat. It should be a no-brainer. Why? Because I’ve been preparing for it before I was even told there’d be a test. I’m ready.


One response to “If you practice like you’re taking the test, eventually, the test will feel like practice.

  1. I’m a big fan of Csikszentmihaly and his concept of “flow.” Great to have the video here and the chart!

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