To Live or Not To Live

So while I’m sleeping, I begin mapping out my life. [Yeah, Idk but God’s trying to tell me something and I thought I’d share that with everyone who decides to stumble upon my little blog.]

1. I’m not living. And if I continue on this wishy washy path of existence-living, I will soon find myself existing as a human being alone rather than living as Tolulope Falae.

What do I mean? Here’s an example:

Individual X’s idea of Living

If this is Individual X’s idea of Living, anything short of this would be existing. What comes with all the pieces of the pie is a Purpose and How To.  Of course, this may change over time. He/she may realize family is of a greater value to them than being CEO by 40 and they may push that goal off a bit or ask for flex-time at work. But the dream must always be in view.

2.  I have to face the fact that I can’t stay up past 1:30 and be productive. I can’t. I’ve tried. Once in a while, it does work but for the most part it doesn’t. From this I will (not may) begin implementing a new method of achieving what I want to in a day. Here’s an example of my mornings:

So for now, I have to analyze what it means to LIVE (in my case) and how I’m going to go about living.


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