Re-blogged: 4 Management Lessons From The Overhaul Of Android’s UI

There are a lot of things you might say about an Android phone–that it’s more powerful than the iPhone, more customizable, better integration with Google services. But one thing you probably wouldn’t say about an Android phone is that you love it–can’t-live-without-it, rip-it-out-of-my-cold-dead-hands love it. When Matias Duarte (the designer behind the T-Mobile Sidekick and Palm’s WebOS) joined Google a year-and-a-half ago as senior director for Android user experience, he set out to change that… (Click here to read more

via @FastCoDesign  4 Management Lessons From The Overhaul Of Android’s UI


My Take: 

From an Organizational/Consumer Psychology viewpoint we see that Duarte 

  1. Identified the problem… And made it known to others that there is a problem
  2. Sought to understand the thought processes of consumers/audience
  3. Point out the importance of the consumer-business (employee) relationship
  4. Focus and establish goals based on your findings

Another thing to realize is that Android is not just Android. It’s a Samsung, it’s a Nokia, It’s operating system can be Google and anyone else that decides to make an app.  If anything Google is good at being a social medium.  Perhaps Google is stretching itself too thin. They’ve mastered an industry. Perhaps building on this would be more ideal than going all out w/ Android.  Perhaps playing a role they known well (browser) and allowing another company such as Samsung, Windows (although they are behind Google) or even Apple (operating system) would be a better move since they’d be maximizing Gmail, Google search engine, Google Plus etc. (Control the internet, not the device) Make Google the cool kid on the playground that establishes connections with everyone. Or for example: If you’re Michelen tires, why all of a sudden try to make cars? Why compete with Ford when you’re the tire company every car company goes to.

Aggressively and strategically master their craft. Be the best. Be cost-effective. PUSH whatever Apple isn’t good at. (Apple has usability down-pact.) Be what your competitor isn’t. Operate on every Android platform there is. 

To be continued…



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