As a former English major, I can confess that the reason I left the department (at a school that focuses mainly on rearing it’s future doctors and engineers), was that: 1. It was hard. More than I expected. It wasn’t a challenge I was excited about either 2. I felt that the classes were just various books (half of which I did not enjoy/believed the choice of author was whatever the Professor liked at the moment) 3. There wasn’t any teaching on HOW to write well. You figured it out gradually as you got your grades back. 4. There wasn’t someone telling me: this is what you can do with an English degree.

I spoke with an assistant director of my school’s career services office and she said that one thing recruiters wanted were people with background in humanities–but the problem was that these students weren’t taking business courses. Or they just didn’t see the point in applying for non-traditional English major jobs.


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