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How Elite Firms Hire: The Inside Story >> I examined hiring processes in three types of elite professional service firms: investment banks, law firms, and management consulting firms. These types of firms share important similarities, allowing for a robust comparison. (via Library of Economics and Liberty)

5 Things Happy People Do >> Sages going back to Socrates have offered advice on how to be happy, but only now are scientists beginning to address this question with systematic, controlled research. Although many of the new studies reaffirm time-honored wisdom ("Do what you love," "To thine own self be true"), they also add a number of fresh twists and insights. (via

Who Enters Flow >> Flow- the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task- is a strong contributor to creativity... (via Psychology Today)

A View From The Top >> It's good to be the boss. Three powerful women share the highs, lows, and biggest surprises of their kick-ass careers. Read more: Successful Women - Career Tips from Powerful Female Bosses - Marie Claire


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