To Be A Badass or Not To Be….

[It’s funny because I honestly didn’t realize this is the song my cousin, Rufus, used to sing when he woke us kids up in the mornings to go to elementary school. =) New morning alarm??]

These past few days, I’m fighting. Not physically, but I’m fighting for what I want. It’s so easy to get frustrated with people, situations, crappy circumstances, etc. and just say “I’m going to do me.” , “I don’t care.”, or “It is what it is.” but I’ve realized while these might sound cool and you might get supporters–it’s more badass to stand your ground and FIGHT.

Don’t give up.  It’s so easy. SOOOOO EASY. I’ve been there. I’m there right now. It’s so much simpler and less tiresome to just let go of all the burdens and allow things to happen to you. But fighting for what you believe in (be it love, a belief, yourself, a cause), no matter how small, does the follwing:

  1. Those that didn’t believe in your cause before–will be in awe.  Not to advocate arrogance, but it kind of feels good when your doubters and haters don’t even know what to say when you start succeeding.
  2. Causes you to be bolder and more deliberate in your actions.  Instead of saying…I think I’ll get a 100 on this test, you’ll KNOW. Confidence goes a long way.  Especially when there’s work to back it up.
  3. Prepares you for the next challenge/opportunity. Next time you won’t be caught off guard. You’ll have a plan. And if you falter, try again.

Not every situation is going to be a “win” but it’s  better to go down with a fight than to never know what would have happened if you had actually tried.


One response to “To Be A Badass or Not To Be….

  1. I love your determination. Especially when your back is up against the wall, believing in yourself is the most important thing of all. I have realized through lots of learning and self reflection throughout the summer that all of our problems really exist in our language and in believing that our thoughts and emotions are reality to us. Thankfully, they are not. They are just random little things that pop up into our heads every day. Take that amazing attitude of yours and declare into the world what you want. I want to be or to do this, and then go out and do it! You got this. Keep going. Stay you and you will show the world how great you are. Can’t wait to read the rest.

    Evan Sanders

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