Custom Fit

I go to others for advice on just about everything in life: career, relationships, personal, spiritual, etc. But one thing I’m realizing is that while others may have words of wisdom, insight, or may leave you with more questions than you initially had…in the end, you have to do what’s best for YOU.

For example: Say I wanted to be CEO of a company. Many of my peers with the same aspirations may take the route of starting their own business after graduation, working for a big corporation and eventually creating their own firm. My route does not have to be the same. I may choose to go into HR to know what it takes to get the right people, then learn the business side of business, then pursue management consulting, then be on the Executive Board of a multinational corporation, and eventually an opportunity may come where I am offered a CEO position.

That may be my course of action. Just because it’s not the same as the next person’s doesn’t mean I am less valuable, or that I won’t achieve my goal: I just know that for me to take on that much responsibility, I don’t want to pursue the trial and error method. I want to take my time and understand things better and perhaps find new paths/detours.

My point is: Sometimes we know the answer to our own question, but we ask others because we doubt and question ourselves. In a world where everyone is an expert, don’t forget that you’re probably the best person to go to about YOU.


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