Today’s Lesson: Give People the Benefit of the Doubt

So I’ve been working on developing deeper relationships with a handful of people that I consider myself close to. This includes but is not limited to:

Not reacting immediately until I have had all the information I need to make a decision/to approach an individual with a dilemma and my thoughts. Sometimes I find that it’s wise to give the situation some breathing space: in that time I’ll probably come up with a better response/action plan as well as try to see the situation from their perspectives.
Letting others speak. I think in a lot of situations I am quick to defend myself and in the end me and whoever I’m talking to end up talking past/at one another instead of talking to each other and actively listening.
Lastly, honestly, sometimes people screw up. It happens. I know I’ve failed others too many times. But what matters is that they acknowledge their mistakes and reassess their methodology and hopefully do better next time.

Hope this helps. As of now I have no followers but I’ll try to put more posts up.

Stay faithful, honest, and passionate. the word out at some point. Hopefully this blog helps you as much as it helps me. If you would like to contribute some words of inspirations or reflections on events (personal or public) please message me.



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