“The Only Thing Worse Than A Bad Surgeon Is A Scared One. -Grey’s Anatomy

I know. I know. I’m not a surgeon. You’re not a surgeon. Or at least most of you aren’t.

Well what else can we take away from this statement?

You can only get so far in keeping up appearances. What do I mean? Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Or to have completed a book when you only read the back cover. It’s like school. Sure, you can get away with talking a lot about nothing in class, b.s. ing, and crossing your fingers before quizzes, but one day you’re going to be tested on what you’ve learned or how passionate you are about your job and if you haven’t given 110% leading up to that moment, it’s going to show.
Failure is part of life. In the scenes leading up to the quote, Karev has allowed fear of failure to push him into a corner. He’s good. He knows he’s good. But there have been a few mishaps and mistakes and now he’s too cautious. To cautious to take a risk, an adventure, and become great. We must realize that failure happens. Bad outcomes occur. But that fear of becoming a repeated offender can paralyze us into complacency and normalcy and even worse, can cause us to forfeit before we’ve even tried.
With fear also comes worrying. I would know. When I become afraid of messing up…I tend to waste time worrying, trying to calm myself down, not utilizing my time effectively, etc. And in the end what I was worrying about doesn’t even get addressed. I miss opportunities, deadlines, and possibly life altering events…all because I was scared.

Be bold, be caring, be fierce.



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